Program Description

Brazilian JiuJitsu- Grappling Combatives
Noonans martial arts features expert instruction in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Combatives to produce well rounded martial artist.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Combatives form an integral part of our self defence systems & is an art that heavily emphasizes ground grappling. The goal of BJJ Combatives is to get a submission (a joint lock or a choke), or a dominant position where you can strike or just tie the attacker up where they cannot hurt you!

It ís very much an art that is designed for a smaller person to neutralize a larger and stronger attacker through strategy and technique.

Our philosophy is to be combative rather than tournament orientated and so unlike other Brazilian Jiujitsu schools Noonans offers classes that are very streetwise and effective rather than tournamnet specific classes.BJJ Combatives is all about making sure the technique is effective anywhere and anytime,not just for tournaments!

Note: Before you join any BJJ school you need to ask yourself are you after tournament only training or you also want "punch & kick" self defence"? Only Noonans offers both!

There are many schools that even promote rank based on tournament participation,not at Noonans.We feel sport belt holders are very comfortable in sport jiu-jitsu matches and controlled sparring sessions.However,when confronted by a larger and more athletic opponent who doesn’t play by the rules, they are more often than not often shaken by the unpredictable,violent attack and find themselves unable to respond as their training did not prepare them.

Personal self defence is our goal and is infact the measure of proficiency in our system.Being street ready will also make you competition ready,not vice versa.